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Inwood Park West Is The Hottest New Luxury Home Community Hitting Dallas TX
By Alex
July 18, 2018
        "Inwood Park West" is the hottest new luxury home community about to hit Dallas, TX!  I am so happy to be a part of it.  I have been working non-stop to become the luxury home expert and it slowly is happening.  I did get New Home Construction and Luxury Home Certified at the beggining of the year after all.  So lets put that to good use!
Top Dallas Real Estate Agent Uses Film To Sell More Homes And Connect People On A Global Level
By Alex
July 5, 2018

        Wow, I have officially been in Dallas, TX for 6 years!  Summer 2018 made it official.  Dallas is home and I couldn't be happier.  I didn't really have any doubt it was home, but as each year goes by my bond with Dallas grows stronger and stronger.

        Dallas welcomed me with open arms when I moved here in June 2012.  It was not easy at first.&...

The Booming Dallas Real Estate Market Gains New Digs In The Cedars!
By Alex
July 5, 2018

        Real estate in Dallas is boooming and has been gonig strong for many years with about 10% gains every year.  We are still on the Hot List for Amazon HQ2.  So needless to say the market is still on fire.  Right now the market is on the verge of shifting to a buyers market tho.  Well, according to some experts that are a lot smarter then me.  Luxury homes are taking a little longer then usual to sell and new construction ...

Bay Area Residents Are Cashing In On Dallas Real Estate and Moving To Texas In The Masses!
By Alex
June 6, 2018

        California has been in the news a lot lately.  It is no surprise.  They are one of the largest economies in the U.S. and some of the hottest real estate there.  Also, they are not stranger to the rich and the famous.  

        Cali residents and jobs have been relocating to Texas non-stop over the past few years.  The Bay area ...

Luxury Real Estate Is Booming With New Construction In Dallas!
By Alex
June 3, 2018

        Luxury Real Estate is booming in Dallas!  Hopefully, everyone is having an amazing Memorial Day Weekend.  While a lot of people were out on the lake, lounging by the pool, cooking up BBQ, and more, I was out hitting the streets doing work.  I had surgery on thursday so I have spent the past few days recovering.  Real Estate never sleeps so I went out looking at all the new homes in Dallas.  I was shocked with what I saw!