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Renting Vs. Selling! Why It Could Be The Biggest Thing In Dallas For The 2019 Real Estate Market!

        With the changing seasons comes a slow real estate market.  In the current climate of high interest rates...well it gets even slower.  Truth be told, sellers are losing their cool a little.  REALTORS are too tho. 

        Homes are not selling as fast as they once were.  Buyers are being more particular about homes.  So something has to give as everyone ...

Amazon HQ2 Is On The Horizon Says Experts And It Could Be The Boom Of The South For Dallas

        Amazon HQ could be making a decision by the end of this week!  Dallas gained more odds when sources close to the selection process say Amazon could split the HQ into 2 locations.  Leaving Dallas wide open to be the top attraction for 25,000 instead of 50,000 jobs and a $2.5B investment instead of a $5B.  Regardless, we would be willing to get any piece of the retail giant.


Luxury Duplexes For Sale By Your Local Dallas REALTOR!

        The Dallas Real Estate Market took a little bit of a cool this summer.  That doesn't mean that Luxury Real Estate Agents like myself haven't been hustling our tails off to get more luxury listings.  Not just luxury, but new construction.  The housing marketing is correcting itself a little bit after some inflation.  Also, there are higher interest rates.  Strangely enough, new construction is on an incline.  So are luxury new builds.

Dallas Could Use Amazon HQ2 More Then Ever To Help Save The DFW Real Estate Market

        The promise of 50,000 jobs, becoming an instant Silicon Valley, and a $5Billion project going to any city sounds too good to be true.  Amazon is closing that deal soon, and making it a reality for one very lucky city.  Dallas is one of the top picks for what is being called HQ2.  Any city would benefit from it greatly.  Both the economic landscape and the real estate landscape. 

2018 Is The Year Of More Luxury Listings And Homes For Sale In Dallas
By Alex
October 5, 2018

        Real Estate Agents and Home Sellers should be rejoicing right now!  Reports from Realtor.com just came out stating that Dallas is at a 5 year high in inventory of homes for sale.  There were almost 26,000 homes listed for sale in August in North Texas!  That means more For Sale signs are in yards.  So all is good.  The housing market is strong and there is nothing to worry about.  Right?!