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         I'm the type of Dallas Real Estate Agent and Dallas REALTOR® that tries my best to do it all.  I give you amazing Real Estate Services when buying and selling your home, keep you updated on all your Market Real Estate News, and I blog!  Yes, I said blog!  I spend countless hours searching the internet, news, and social media outlets to find some of the best information for you.  I also like to talk about what is going on in the Local Dallas Real Estate Market.  When dealing with home buyers and home sellers there is always a lot of first hand experience to talk about.  Every day is something new. 

        As a Top Dallas REALTOR® it's my job to keep everyone informed on everything that is going on in Dallas Real Estate!  Read some of my real estate blogs and contact me about any of your real estate needs.  Also, email me about any topics you would like for me to blog about.  I hope you find some good information that helps you on your real estate journey.  At Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Residential we can do it all!

New Luxury Townhomes In Dallas Selling Fast! Million Dollar Views Of Dallas!
By Alex
April 30, 2018

        Everyone should know by now that I am slowly, but surely becoming the new construction king of Dallas...not really, but it sounded catchy.  LOL.  Seriously tho I have be working with more and more developers.  It really just takes listing an amazing new build and marketing the hell out of it to get noticed.  Builders have a lot riding on getting their new product sold.  So all eyes and ears are on your to see what happens.  They ...

Certified Luxury Real Estate Agent Dallas TX - Alex Prins REALTOR
By Alex
April 30, 2018

        I am proud to announce that I am officially a certified luxury real estate agent!  After being a real estate agent for 4 years, selling some of the most beautiful luxury listings, and passing my Accredited Luxury Homes Specialist exam, I can say that I am offically a Luxury Real Estate Agent.  It takes a lot to sell a luxury home.  Slapping a For Sale sign in the yard does not cut it.  Not to mention that you have to cater to ...

Dallas Has Some Of The Hottest and Unique Neighborhoods To Live In! Your Expert Guide For 2018
By Alex
April 8, 2018

        Dallas is full of some of the most unique neighborhoods to live in.  I have lived here for 6 years now and each year I discover a little more about the city.  Dallas is one of the #1 places for families to relocate.  After driving up and down the streets non stop with my real estate clients I can see why.  Sure Dallas is growing at lighting speed.  There are a lot of modern buildings being constructed that make you wanna stop ...

Dallas Is Still King Of Dream Homes For 2018 And Not Slowing Down!
By Alex
April 3, 2018

        California does Dallas!  Families are still seeking sought after Dallas suburbs and flocking in the masses to find their dream home! 

        It should be no surprise that the Dallas DFW Metroplex is still one of the hottest markets to live in.  2018 is off to a roaring start.  Tax cuts, jobs, and optomism are all contributing to what may be the best year in ...

Parks Are On The Rise In Dallas And It Is Getting Some Serious Attention By Amazon HQ2!
By Alex
March 20, 2018

        So I love Dallas.  It is the best place to live...I mean we all know I am a little partial to Dallas.  Well, maybe I am a lot partial to Dallas.  I have live here for 6 years and each year I fall a little more in love with the city.  In the years to come there are some serious things going on the city.  They are mean, green, and popping ...