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        As a Top Dallas REALTOR® it's my job to keep everyone informed on everything that is going on in Dallas Real Estate!  Read some of my real estate blogs and contact me about any of your real estate needs.  Also, email me about any topics you would like for me to blog about.  I hope you find some good information that helps you on your real estate journey.  At Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Residential we can do it all!

Are Zillow.com and Realtor.com Helping Or Hurting The Dallas Real Estate Industry?

        Zillow.com and Realtor.com are two of the biggest names in real estate for home buyers looking for a home to call their own.  However, they are not actual Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Brokerages.  Instead they feed into the local MLS and provide listings to consumers.  About 90% of all home searches begin online.  So is this helping or hurting Dallas Realtors?


Dallas Relocation Could Boom With Possible New Amazon Headquarters Moving To The DFW Metroplex!

        Jobs are moving to Dallas at lightning speed!  Not just your every day relocation, but huge companies are ready to make the Lone Star State home to thousands of families.  Toyota just built its headquarters in Plano, The Dallas Cowboys have completed their training stadium, Pei Wei announced it will be moving its headquarters to Irving, and now Amazon is keeping an eye on the DFW Metroplex for a second headquarters!

How Will Hurricane Harvey Affect The Real Estate Market And Home Values In Texas?

        Hurricane Harvey has devistated over 100,000 homes around Houston and other parts of Texas.  FEMA made this report this morning and said the number is climbing.  It is going to take months to recover from all the flooding and destruction that has taken place.  Homes are under water right now.  Many families are evacuated.  It will be days before they can return to see what is left of their home.  A lot of people will be okay, but many are ...

Relocate To Dallas With A Top Dallas REALTOR And Find The Best Home For Your Family
By Alex
August 28, 2017

        The Toyota Headquarters in Plano is going to be a game changer for the DFW Metroplex.  Jobs are starting to pour in at lighting speed.  The DFW Metroplex was already voted the second fastest growing metro by Forbes in 2016, but now it is growing even faster.  Not only because of companies like Toyota, Pei Wei, and Boeing are moving employees to their headquarters, but because other people are looking to start anew in a thriving economy.  That means Real Estate Agents ...

Best Dallas TX Real Estate Agents and How To Price A Home Properly To Sell Fast!
By Alex
August 22, 2017

        Pricing a home to sell is one of the most exciting parts of getting a new listing.  Price is one of the most important parts of selling a home as well.  It doesn't matter if you are selling a "shack" that is going to be used for lot value or a million dollar listing in Highland Park.  If priced right then it will sell fast.  It's the market we are living in.  Coldwell Banker has done long analysis that show ...