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         I'm the type of Dallas Real Estate Agent and Dallas REALTOR® that tries my best to do it all.  I give you amazing Real Estate Services when buying and selling your home, keep you updated on all your Market Real Estate News, and I blog!  Yes, I said blog!  I spend countless hours searching the internet, news, and social media outlets to find some of the best information for you.  I also like to talk about what is going on in the Local Dallas Real Estate Market.  When dealing with home buyers and home sellers there is always a lot of first hand experience to talk about.  Every day is something new. 

        As a Top Dallas REALTOR® it's my job to keep everyone informed on everything that is going on in Dallas Real Estate!  Read some of my real estate blogs and contact me about any of your real estate needs.  Also, email me about any topics you would like for me to blog about.  I hope you find some good information that helps you on your real estate journey.  At Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Residential we can do it all!

Are Real Estate Companies Like Opendoor Hurting The Housing Market Or Helping?
By Alex
August 1, 2017
        I have been a Dallas Real Estate Agent for 3 years now.  In that time I have seen a lot.  Nothing is ever constant and in the blink of an eye the market can change.  One thing that stays the same is that I try to get as many listings as possible.  "More Listings" is the golden rule taught to all Real Estate Agents while they are in school.  Trying to get a listing is always challenging and is always my top priority.  Everyday I try to get a listing appointment ...
It Is A Hot Real Estate Market For Dallas Realtors! Home Values Are At Record Highs!
By Alex
August 3, 2017
        Attention Dallas Real Estate Agents!  Zillow.com has released its market reports for your local housing market and values are up 12.2%!  They are expected to go up another 5% within a year!  That is amazing.  Not to mention that the stock market hit an all time high yesterday at over 22,000!  The economy is booming and everyone is going to be able to cash in on it.  We truly are in a flourishing time right now.         Real estate in Dallas has been some of the best in the ...
Lakewood Has Some Of The Hottest Million Dollar Listings In Dallas TX
By Alex
August 12, 2017
        Persistence in a virtue...or is it patience is a virtue?!  Regardless, selling a million dollar listing always requires both.  Anytime you cross that million dollar threshold it becomes a little more challenging for the Realtor at task to sell a home in that price point.  I mean...have you seen the most recent episode of Million Dollar Listing New York?  They have to jump through hoops sometimes to sell a luxury property.  It isn't all that different when selling a luxury home in Dallas.  The average home price in ...
Dallas Real Estate Experts Say That Home Values Have Not Yet Peaked This Year!
By Alex
August 17, 2017
        Dallas Real Estate Experts and Top Dallas REALTORS have been working hard this summer.  They have some of the best first hand experience and knowledge of what is going on in the Dallas Real Estate Market.  Everyday they are pouring over the MLS searching for homes.  Also, they are out on the streets seeing homes in person.  Zillow.com and Realtor.com pull stats from tax records to create market reports, but are not working everyday in this beautiful city of ours.  So listening to an expert will give you the ...
Best Dallas TX Real Estate Agents and How To Price A Home Properly To Sell Fast!
By Alex
August 22, 2017
        Pricing a home to sell is one of the most exciting parts of getting a new listing.  Price is one of the most important parts of selling a home as well.  It doesn't matter if you are selling a "shack" that is going to be used for lot value or a million dollar listing in Highland Park.  If priced right then it will sell fast.  It's the market we are living in.  Coldwell Banker has done long analysis that show if a home doesn't have mutiple offers within 14 days of hitting ...