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Toyota Relocationg 4,000 Employees To Plano In Massive Move To Texas

Toyota is moving their headquarters to Plano, Texas in 2017.  Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years then this should not be the first time you have heard this news.  Toyota has already started construction on their new building.  They are expecting to move around 1,000 contractors and over 4,000 employees to Plano over the next couple of years.  This is amazing news for our economy and to real estate agnets all over Dallas.  

Valentines Day Is Right Around The Corner, But Do You Love Your Realtor?

Love is in the air.  Kind of.  I'm a top real estate agent in Dallas, and I love my clients.  I work non-stop for them.  Now a days you have to go the extra mile to impress your clients.  Dallas currently has over 25,000 realotrs in the DFW Metroplex.  It can be hard standing out among all those agents, but I try my hardest to.  My clients are constantly telling me how much they love me.  It makes me so happy to hear ...

Use A Realtor To Find The Perfect Dallas Apartment

Dallas is full of apartments.  Mainly in Uptown, Downtown, and sprinkled through out.  Don't get me wrong there are plenty of homes and condos for sale, but the density of apartments is thick.  There are tons of new complexes going up.  I walked donwtown yesterday and there were at least 4 buildings going up.  Searching for an apartment in this concrete jungle can be hard.  This is why using a realtor can be so important.  

JP and Associates REALTORS Has Top Notch Training In Plano, TX and Abroad

I recently switched real estate brokerages and joined JP and Associates REALTORS.  So far I am very pleased.  Being a real estate agent in Dallas can be hard sometimes.  Finding the right brokerage can be a large feet within itself.  JP and Associates REALTORS came highly recomended.  There were a lot of deciding factors on my side before making a decision.  Some of them were non negotiable.  One of the most important was training.  

Your Gay REALTOR In Dallas

Dallas is full of Realtors, but what about gay real estate agents?  Dallas is one of the largest gay cities in the U.S.  We have one of the biggest gay churches.  We love our LGBT community through and through.  Finding a home for them is important.  A lot of gay people move here to get away from a small town with narrow views.  Dallas has over a million people living here and the city can seem like a jungle.  So finding a ...