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         I'm the type of Dallas Real Estate Agent and Dallas REALTOR® that tries my best to do it all.  I give you amazing Real Estate Services when buying and selling your home, keep you updated on all your Market Real Estate News, and I blog!  Yes, I said blog!  I spend countless hours searching the internet, news, and social media outlets to find some of the best information for you.  I also like to talk about what is going on in the Local Dallas Real Estate Market.  When dealing with home buyers and home sellers there is always a lot of first hand experience to talk about.  Every day is something new. 

        As a Top Dallas REALTOR® it's my job to keep everyone informed on everything that is going on in Dallas Real Estate!  Read some of my real estate blogs and contact me about any of your real estate needs.  Also, email me about any topics you would like for me to blog about.  I hope you find some good information that helps you on your real estate journey.  At Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Residential we can do it all!

Top Ten Luxury Listings In Dallas-At Alex Prins Real Estate REALTORS
By Alex
March 3, 2016
Alex Prins Real Estate has some of the top luxury listings of 2016 in Dallas.  As your REALTOR I work hard to bring you the freshest and updated homes in the Dasllas Metroplex to move into.  Here is a quick look at the top ten listings at my real estate brokerage.  I would be happy to show any of our 200+ listings to you guys.  You can click here to view all of our listings.  ...
How Much Does It Cost To Build A Home?
By Alex
March 5, 2016
Building a home is so exciting.  It seems like a new home is being built everyday in Dallas.  One day there is an older home in a yard and the next it seems like a "McMansion" is practically almost finished being built.  Dallas is booming right now and builders alike are coming together with the help of realtors to revitalize the city.  Companies like D.R. Horton, Bella Vita, and David Weekly are some of the largest home builders in Dallas.  More Coming Soon... Tags: Dallas REALTORS, Top Dallas Realtors, JP and Associates, Best Real ...
Millionaires Are Moving To Dallas For Luxury Listings
By Alex
March 9, 2016
There is no question that the Dallas real estate market is growing out of control.  The home buyer and seller season is about to start.  That is exciting for this Realtor right here...AKA me.  Hehe.  I have been a real estate agents for 2 years now and I am ready for whats next.  One thing that I have noticed in my time working in Dallas is that there are a lot of million dollar listings for sale.  Also, there are a lot clients looking to buy million dollar homes.   Dallas is one of ...
Coldwell Banker Dallas Is The Best Place To Work For Real Estate Agents
By Alex
March 14, 2016
Coldwell Banker Dallas is the best place to work for real estate agents.  I have been in real estate for 2 years now and have worked at a couple of different brokerages.  Being a realtor is what I plan on doing for the next 50 years or more.  Finding the right brokerage to work at can be tricky.  It ultimatley boils down to working for a broker that is going to help you grow your business and support you.  Some brokerages are not concerned about their real estate agents and their needs.  Instead they are looking ...
Coldwell Banker Dallas-Lakewood Has Some Of The Top Luxury Listings In The City
By Alex
March 17, 2016
Coldwell Banker Dallas has some of the best listings in Dallas.  They have multiple locations around the city.  I work as a Dallas Real Estate Agent at the Lakewood location.  It is located on Gaston Avenue and is right smack dab in the middle of some of the coolest and most elite luxury listings in Dallas.  Our brokerage has over 500 different homes for sale throughout the DFW Metroplex.  Here are some of the stats of the top 5 listings in Lakewood at Coldwell Banker Dallas.  Please call me for all your residenital buying and selling ...