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Will The Dallas Housing Market And Dallas Realtors Benefit From Donald Trumps New Tax Plan?
By Alex
October 3, 2017

        Last week Donald Trump outlined his new tax plan.  He is planning on creating a "Middle Class Miracle" by drasticly reducing taxes to help stimulate the economy.  Everyone knows that higher wages, lower taxes, and creating more jobs is directly tied to the housing market.  The more money you make means owning a home and living the "American Dream" becomes a faster reality.  A home is the biggest asset that you will ever have.  So keeping more of your hard earned money means more buying power.  This all sounds too good to be true for local Real Estate Agents trying to close more deals.  The Dallas housing market could sky rocket even more then it already has.  

        The housing market in Dallas is still one of the best in the nation.  Jobs are moving here everyday.  Amazon is about to announce who it will pick to make home for their new headquarters.  Everyone in Dallas is crossing their fingers and toes.  So having lower taxes with a booming economy would put Dallas at the lead of the pack as one of the best places to live.  All of these things would drive home values up more.  New construction would be in even higher demand.  The DFW Metroplex would be forced to expand to some of the rural parts like Prosper and Celina which is north of Plano.  Real Estate Agents are very excited about everything that is happening lately with our growing city.  It takes a lot of different factors to grow the market.  Some Realtors just wait for the next client to come in, but an experienced Real Estate Agent knows better.

        Overall, we are still a ways away from finding out what next years taxes will look like.  There are many hopefull people looking at this as a huge stimulus for the Dallas housing market.  For now all I can do is follow the economy, housing market, and see how the "Big D" prospers even more in the months to come.  Call me for all your buying and selling needs.

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