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Local Dallas Real Estate Agent Moves Clients To The #1 City In The Nation!

        Frisco was voted the #1 city to live in last year by Money Magazine!  It honestly doesn't surprise me.  Texas has so many amazing cities to live in. 

        Frisco is part of the Dallas Metroplex.  It is about 30 minutes north of Dallas.  The school districts are top notch.  They fluxuate between a 9 and 10 rating.  That is part of the allure.  In addition it is a fairly new suburbian city that has seen huge growth in the past few years.  They have low crime, numerous professional sports teams, and major headquarters stationed there.  The most recent being the PGA Of America announcing a huge move from Florida. 

        As a Top Dallas Real Estate Agent I sell all over.  I have sold a handful of homes in Frisco.  This past weekend I relocated a family moving from Florida.  We found a home in 24 hours and put it under contract!  That is the power of Frisco.  The streets are clean, everything is new, and no matter what school you send your children to in Frisco they will be in good hands at a top rated school.  So there really isn't much to think about.  It's a matter of finding the right home in the right community.  Not to mention that with all the growth comes new construction.  So every few miles is a brand new community with new homes by reputable builders.

        I love being a Real Estate Agent in Dallas.  Central Dallas is my home, but helping families find a home in the #1 Best City To Live is always exciting.  I hope to move many more to Frisco.  Call me for all your buying and selling needs. 

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