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Realtor.com Stats Are In! Ranking The Top 10 Housing Markets For 2018...Dallas Came Out On Top!
By Alex
January 5, 2018

        Everyone knows I love being a Dallas Real Estate Agent!  The past 3 years have been a steady incline in home sales for me.  2017 was an amazing year for Dallas Real Estate.  So naturally when the market does good then I do good.  More importantly my clients do good as well.  Many homeowners are singing the praises from all the equity they recieved when selling their homes.  One of my clients paid a whopping $50,000 cash for a home in Dallas back in 1995..and not just Dallas, but in Midway Hollow.  If you live in Dallas then you know Midway Hollow has million dollar mansions popping up all over the streets in that part of town.  That same homeowner that bought his home for a $50,000 listed his house last year for over $350,000!  Wow!  That's what some people would call cashing in big! 

        January is always an exciting time of the year.  Everyone is freezing their buns off, we are all recovering from the Holidays, taxes are coming up, and we look forward to the New Year.  Experts are saying that Dallas will be one of the top places to see the most action in 2018 for growth and sale prices.  I am refering to the stats that Realtor.com pulls from their analytics every year.  After all they are one of the biggest real estate search tools on the internet and pull a lot of numbers.  They are not 100% accurate because they pull from public tax records.  None the less they are a great source of real estate knowledge.  Anyone who watches the Real Estate Market knows that Dallas has been on the radar for a long time.  Plus Realtor.com ranked Dallas as #2 in their report...so I would be an idiot to argue with that. 

        We all know that Dallas has been slowly becoming one of the strongest housing markets in the U.S.  Analysts ranked Las Vegas as #1, but Dallas as #2 with a median home price of $339,300, predicted sales growth of 6%, and predicted price growth of 5.6%.  Now I am a Real Estate Agent and not some math whiz, but those numbers are amazing!  Just 4 years ago the median home value was around $150,000... I could't be more proud of my city.  Call me for all your buying and selling needs.

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