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Staging Your Luxury Home In Dallas To Sell Fast!

        Staging your luxury home can make a big difference when selling it!  We are shifting to a buyers market so attention to detail matters.  Whether it is a new home or older home, it needs to be "spot on".  Buyers are combing through everything when looking at what a home has to offer.  Not to mention that there is still a lot of inventory on the market.  So making your home stand out is crucial.  This is when staging can make or break a deal

        Regardless of the real estate market you are in, there are a few things to be true about what it takes to sell a home.  Some time old tales will always remain true like staging.  Not that every home you list needs to be staged, but some more then others like new construction. 

        As a Top Dallas REALTOR I have been working with more and more luxury builders.  New Construction has become a specialty of mine.  There is a high demand in new construction.  With higher mortgage rates, buyer are looking to spend their money on all the bells and whistles.  Sure a new home will always photograph well, but it needs to stand out when buyers are looking online.  Not to mention that there is a lot of competition in Dallas for new construction homes.  Eventually all the homes start to look a like.  Also, builders like to do open concept homes.  So in photos it can be hard to get a feel for the scale of the home.  In addition the new trend for everything is grays and whites.  So something has to pop!  Buyers need that little extra something to get them through the door.

        Staging is important for builders to get the most out of their labor of love, but it can be very expensive.  The average stager will charge $4,000, plus a consult fee, plus an instal fee, plus a monthly fee, and the list goes on.  Sure it looks great in photos, but do you really need all that jazz?  Not every new construction home that has been staged has sold, and not every new construction home that hasn't been staged has not been sold...  So can ther be balance?  Is less more?  As long as there is something to catch a buyers eye.  Right?  Well I am going to test that theory.

        This year I am starting a staging service called Simply Staged By Alex.  It is exclusivly for builders of homes that I list.  It is only $899 and it is full staging for the kitchen, wet bar, and all the bathroooms.  Sound simple...well thats the point.  The two main selling features of a home is the kitchen and the bathrooms.  Bedrooms just have to be the right size and an open living room allows buyers the chance to let their minds go wild with furniture placement.  Too much furniture can make the home feel much smaller then it is.  Not to mention that I see many buyers get stuck on the furniture like it comes with the house.  I have literlly walked out of a beautiful that was perfect for the clients and all they could talk about was how horrible the couches looked...  So maybe less really is more.

        This doesn't mean my clients can't still pay for full staging if they wish, but a lot of builders don't want to pay that extra money.  My staging will off just enough flare to get the buyers excited to see the home.  This is staging that is somewhere in the middle of full home and vacant home.  It will be full staging in those areas tho with bar stools, art, towels, rugs, flowers, food, benches, and more.  It will make the home a pop when potential buyers are walking through the home.  Also, builders spend a lot of time in most cases making the kitchens and bathroom look like a mini piece of art so staging it will only enhance that. 

        Staging is an important part of selling a home.  Price of the home, size, location, and schools are the most important aspect of getting a new owner to write an offer tho.  This new venture of mine will be a nice little cherry on top of the already beautiful cake to help get it sold.  Over time I will add foyers, but the whole concept is that this is an alternative to full staging.  I pray that is goes off without a hitch.  I'm doing this all by myself and operating it from my home.  So it's both nerve racking and exciting.  Call me for all your buying and selling needs.

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