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Who Is Buying More Homes In Dallas TX For 2017? Battle Of The Sexes!
By Alex
July 24, 2017

        Dallas Real Estate has been booming lately!  We still have a few more weeks in July and clients have been calling me non-stop to relocate to Dallas!  As a Top Dallas REALTOR I deal with all kinds of clients and help them find a home to buy or sell for many different reasons, but I also deal with a lot of relocation.  Lately, my clients have all been relocating to Dallas from out of state.  There has been one key thing standing out to me with this surge in clients.  

        Woman!  Yes, woman are calling left and right to buy or sell their home!  Move over men!  "Wonder Woman" isn't just a box office smash this year!  It is the trend for 2017!  Battle of the sexes is for real and woman are taking over the market place!  This is so awesom to me!  I love seeing all walks of life take control and own a home, but it makes me happy to see more and more woman own their own home.  I have had 6 woman in the past year buy a home from me and only 2 men!  That is worth taking note over!  Of course I only represent a small portion of the Dallas Real Estate Market, but even some of my fellow REALTOR friends have said the same thing tho.  That they have had more and more woman clients.  As Top Dallas Real Estate Agents of course we welcome men and woman.  Just reporting what I am seeing in this currnet hot market right now!  What was that Beyonce' song?  Woman Run The World?!  At least right now in real estate they are :)  Call me for all your buying and selling needs. 

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