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Real Estate Specialist

        As a Top Dallas Real Estate Agent it is important for me to always stay up to date on all the current real estate trends.  The housing market is booming.  One thing for certain is that the market is constantly changing.  There are new types of homes being developed daily, values are always fluctuating, and there is more new technology then you can shake a stick at.  It is also important for me to continually educate myself so I don't leave my buyers or sellers behind.  I have to be their eyes and ears when guiding them through the home buying and selling experience.

        No one ever wants to be a know-it-all, but when you are a real estate agent helping people make the biggest financial decision of their lives then you actually have to know-it-all...  A real estate agent can never have too much knowledge on the real estate market.  That is why I am taking my career to the next level with becoming a Certified New Home Specialist.  This will give me insider knowledge so I can be a cut above the rest.  I have been a Dallas Real Estate Agent since 2014 and every year I strive to challenge myself.  Not all Dallas REALTORS® are created equal.  Becoming a specialist means that I have taken the proper steps to work with clients on a unique level with their best interests in mind.  Here is some infomation on what this important designation means to you as a home buyer or a home seller. 


Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

        The Luxury Real Estate Market in Dallas is booming.  The market has been hot for years and continues to go up in value on average from 10%-13%.  A large portion of those homes are luxury homes.  Being a Dallas Real Estate Agent requires constantly growing your knowledge of all types of homes.  As the values grow that means more homes are starting to hit the luxury price point.  To be considered a luxury home it has to be double the average sales price.  In Dallas the average home is around $245,000.  So $490,000 is the lucky number to a luxury listing.  As my business grows I have been listing more and more luxury listings as a Luxury Real Estate Agent.  So studying to get my Accredited Luxury Home Specialist designation only made sense.  More Coming Soon...  

Certified New Home Specialist

      Everyone loves to buy a new home in Dallas.  Builders are taking advantage of the booming housing market by developing new styles and types of homes to suit buyers needs.  You can drive down any given street in Dallas and see new construction on every corner.  Some neighborhoods are being completely transformed with new homes.  I love getting to go on this journey with my clients.  The process tho is very different then buying a used home.  There are a lot of ticking parts from types of construction, grounbreaking, inspections, walkthroughs, delays, and closings.  That is why working with a Dallas Real Estate Agent that has been certified in the complete process is important.

  • Understand Typical Costs Of A New Home.
  • Explain How New Homes Are Constructed From The Gound Up.
  • Evaluate The Pros and Cons Of Purchasing A New Home.
  • Describe The Characteristics Of New Homes, Custom Homes, and Spec Construction.