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        Calling all Dallas Real Estate Agents and Dallas REALTORS®!  Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is now hiring Top Dallas Real Estate Agents!  Whether you are thinking about getting into Real Estate for the first time or perhaps looking for a new Brokerage to work for; your journey starts here!  And we are over joyed to hear from you! 

        Coldwell Banker is one of the largest names in Real Estate.  They have over 112 years of experience and tons of tools for any Dallas REALTOR® to get the job done.  Being a Real Estate Agent has been quite the journey for me.  Trying to find the right Brokerage that is gonna help me grow is of the up most importance to me.  And Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage has truly helped me grow.  I have sold more homes then ever before.  This is good for me and for all my clients.  Alex Prins Real Estate has grown 3x in the first year that I have been with Coldwell Banker and it's only gonna get better!  They have all the tools I need, they are innovative, and they allow me to do my own thing.  Some brokerages micro-manage your every move.  Part of the reason I got into Real Estate was to run my own business and have a company with a big name behind me that can help move Alex Prins Real Estate to the top.  

        Being a Real Estate Agent can be hard.  There are tens of thousands of REALTORS® in Dallas all fighting to be #1.  Everyone wants to be a Top Dallas Real Estate Agent.  So it's nice to work somewhere that makes you feel at home.  At Coldwell Banker everyone truly cares about your success.  From the staff to the other agents.  Everyone is friendly and upbeat.  I truly love going to the office.  I have been in Real Estate for 3 years and am so glad that I finally found a place to call home.  Contact me today and lets chat about any questions you may have.  I can help you get in touch with the manager at my office, Joanne Justice.  Your already making the first step to a wonderful career in real estate and you're gonna love it!