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Dallas Luxury Realty

        The Dallas Luxury Realty Market has some of the hottest and high end homes around.  Nothing is better then walking into a breathtaking luxury home with me as your Dallas Real Estate Agent and falling in love.  It is extremely exciting getting to see what is behind the door of a luxury home.  Each one is so unique.  Throughout my time as a Real Estate Agent, my clients and I have seen so many amazing homes with some of the coolest pools, the latest interior design features, breathtaking views, and all the high tech gadgets...not to mention that I have listed some of the hottest luxury homes in Dallas as well.  It never gets old touring some of these beautiful million dollar Dallas mansions.  Dallas has some of the best neighborhoods for luxury real estate such as Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow, Bluffview, Lakewood, Uptown Dallas, and Park Citites.  Even neighborhoods like Lower Greenville are starting to build luxury homes and luxury condos.  Some of the current luxury zip codes in Dallas include: 75219, 75205, 75209, 75225, 75206, 75214, 75230, 75218, and 75229.  These are hot zip codes for Dallas Luxury Realty!  


What Is A Luxury Home?

        In Dallas not every home can be qualified as a luxury home.  Sure you can have top notch features and finishes in your home, but in Dallas we classify a home over $750,000 to be coined with the term "luxury" in front of it.  Some brokerages say a home twice the average home value in DFW qualifies a home as a luxury listing.  So that would be $550,000.  Coldwell Banker Global Luxury sets a higher threshold.  Alex Prins and Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is happy to bring you the luxury division of real estate.  Not everyone can market a luxury home for sale in Dallas, but Coldwell Banker has over 80 years of experience buying and selling Luxury Real Estate.  There are special requirements to ensure the seller that their home is in good hands.  Sure anyone with drive and ambition can work their tail off and sell a luxury home.  Tho, it might not sell as fast, look as good in marketing materials, or sell for the max asking price.  Having a Dallas REALTOR® by your side that will make you and your home look like a "rockstar" when it is being sold is important.  Remember that your Dallas Real Estate Agent is the one marketing your home, but the home owner is the one who is indeed selling it.  So if we can make your home look amazing to potential home buyers when it is being sold then that is a direct reflection of you.  I want nothing more then to make all my clients and their home look good.

How To Sell A Dallas Luxury Home 

        Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is the luxury division for real estate in Dallas.  It also covers luxury homes internationaly.  As a Top Dallas Real Estate Agent it is necessary to have the right tools to stand out.  Some of the things we do when listing a luxury home is we blog about your home, make Youtube videos featuring your home, advertise your home in D Magazine, send out sleek mailers, put a wood post "For Sale" sign in your yard, do a feature in Homes and Estates Magazine, make Facebook ads, list in The New York Times, add to our ListHub Global Network which reaches 60 million international buyers and investors, and so much more to give your home the maximum exposure when selling it!  We go above and beyond in every aspect.  Alex Prins Real Estate and Coldwell Banker Global Luxury has you covered from start to finish!  Whether you are buying or selling Luxury Real Estate then contact me for all your Luxury Real Estate needs! 


dallas luxury homes for sale and dallas real estate agent

dallas luxury homes for sale and dallas real estate agent